Scrap Bag of Modern Fabrics
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Scrap Bag of Modern Fabrics

Scrappy quilts for the WIN!

We've fine tooth combed our bins, baskets, suitcases, and boxes to gather together all of the scraps that have been hanging around Crimson Tate. We've made the most amazing scrap bags, each containing over four yards of fabric in weight!

Photos depict the colors and collections that inspired the filling of our bags. Each scrap bag is unique, featuring cuts of various sizes and a different selection of fabrics in every bag – GRAB BAG style! While we are confident you will be thrilled with your bag, please be aware that the rare piece may have a small imperfection like a snag or smudge. Widths typically range from 2.5" to 17", with the occasional bonus scrap or block from an unfinished project.

Scrap bags are $29 of amazingness with a minimum value of $48, depending on the selection found within! And to REALLY help boost your personal scrap baskets!