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Ode to the Trees Quilt Pattern


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When my paper-obsessed friend Heather first told me about a fabric line she was designing by the same name, my mind immediately went to the trees – those luscious, leafy green givers of fresh air, shade, the seasons, and of course, paper. Hats of to thee.

These designs are just a few ideas for constructing a row quilt to honor the trees. To be sure, you could make an all-tree pillow cover, or a bed quilt using the scratch block alone (feisty!) Heck, you can even hack this pattern and scale up the templates to make a supersized single-block design (think General Sherman in Sequoia – don't let logistics get you down!)

I hope you'll take what I've done here as a starting point for endless adventures. Feel free to contact me along the way with questions and concerns. You love the trees. I love the trees. We've got common ground (dare I say roots?) – don't be shy!

Pattern includes paper templates and illustrated instructions for quilt in five sizes. Designed by Sarah Sharp of No Hats in the House.