African Wax Block Print Jellyroll - (42) 2.5 strips - 014567999554
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African Wax Block Print Jellyroll - (42) 2.5" strips

Genuine African wax fabrics are vibrant, typically large scale patterns.  A fancy golden sticker adorns the outside of the lengths of fabric, indicating design and authenticity.  We take caution and care in removing the sticker.  Sometimes, the tacky residue still resides.  If a fabric you purchase happens to have a bit of tackiness from the sticker, please follow these instructions to remove residue.

1.  Heat iron to medium heat.
2.  Place paper towel or muslin fabric over sticky area of AWBP fabric.
3.  Slowly iron over towel, warming residue.  The residue will adhere to the towel.
4.  If stickiness persists, change to unsoiled towel and repeat.

Always use caution when working with fabrics with intense color.  It is recommended to use a color catcher when laundering fabric for the first time.  We don't typically prewash but use care when laundering once our projects are finished.