Donation to Akoma Ntoso Modern Quilt Guild
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Donation to Akoma Ntoso Modern Quilt Guild

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This purchase is a donation to the Alzheimer's Association through the Akoma Ntoso Quilt Guilt of Central Indiana and a chance to win this beautiful quilt.
“We remember their love when they can no longer remember.”
— Unknown

We are pleased to support our friends and local guild the Akoma Ntoso Quilt Guild of Central Indiana.  As a beautiful gesture of support, remembering, and action, the guild created this colorfully purple quilt as a gesture of awareness and love, and opportunity to raise funds to support the Alzheimer's Association.  Purple, the official color of Alzheimer's awareness, the guild made this quilt to ask for your support by donating money to the Alzheimer's Association via this quilt.  As a gesture of thanks to you for donation to the association, they'd like to give you a chance to take this beautiful quilt home with you.  Measuring 56" x 67" and skillfully quilted by Mike Stephens, this quilt is a stunner.  For every dollar you donate, your name will be added to a ticket and will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win.

Double your dollars (and chances to win) by donating $ 50.  Crimson Tate will match the first five donations of $ 50 and give you the tickets.

Winner will be announced in mid-December.

Thank you for your donation to the Alzheimer's Association and your support for Akoma Ntoso Quilt Guild.  This quilt is very personal to the guild as it was made in memory of Mrs. Linda Lee, a founding member of the guild who succumbed to Alzheimer's. They thank you for your outpouring of love and enabling them to support a cause so dear to their heart.

100% off your donation will be given from Crimson Tate to Akoma Ntoso Quilt Guild.  No fees or administrative costs will be incurred.