10 Yards Knit Elastic - 1/4 (White)
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10 Yards Knit Elastic - 1/4" (White)

You are WINNING at this thing called life. Thank you for using your skills for the good of humanity. 

There are 100s of people in our community that are trying to gather materials to make masks for their friends, neighbors, favorite nieces, grandmas, and strangers. It's important that this round of elastic stretch as far as we can stretch it. So, what does this mean? Purchase only as much as you are committed to sewing. Purchase no more than (4) units total. For example: you may decide to purchase four different types of elastic. Great! Just don't acquire more than four units total.

One unit is 10 yards. 
Four units is 40 yards. 
40 yards will create 100 masks.