Mother's Day Box of Happy - 20 pc. Fat Quarter Bundles
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Mother's Day Box of Happy - 20 pc. Fat Quarter Bundles

This is like giving a clutch of wildflowers to your favorite quilter.  Each box is filled with an arrangement of beauty, color, and love.  Within each package is a unique mixture of prints and could be seasoned with a few coordinating solids, shot cottons, premium Japanese fabrics, or even Liberty of London tana lawn. Every arrangement is picked to coordinate together or use as inspiration to be peppered into your next sewing adventure.

Added bonus for ordering your gift pack, we're including a few extras.  It could be notions, patterns, stickers, high fives.  The sky is the limit. Moms, Aunts, Nieces, Grandmas, Cousins, Neighbors, Best Friends, Wives, Lovers, Partners: all will love this box. It's thoughtful and it's fun, and we think you'll win gift giving this Mother's Day.

Let us personalize the box for you!  What kind of mom is your mom??

The Romantic / Florals:
Creates romantic, visually soft quilts, a little bit sappy, spends a lot of time working in the yard or planning a garden, sends thank you notes whenever the occasion presents itself, irons their khakis. 

The Adventurer / Gemstones:
Creates opulent, rich toned quilts, an adventurer, loves going to live concerts, the first to volunteer for bungee jumping or being willing to dye their hair an unnatural color.

The Mathmagician / Solids:
Creates geometric quilts without patterns, loves math, is a wizard when it comes to decorating and choosing colors for the home, is a great score keeper for family game night even when you can't find a pencil that is sharpened. 

The Sentimentalist / Flea Market Find:
Creates quilts that use a little bit of everything, loves stripes with dots, florals with polyester, the local antique store knows your mom by name, being sentimental is part of their fiber.

Of course, some moms can be a little bit or nothing like our descriptions.  We know that no mom fits in any one box.  We just thought this would be a fun place to start personalizing your gift giving.  If all of this stresses you out, don't fret.  We will take care of your mom and she'll think you did it all!!! 

We will hand write a note and place it in the gift box.  Be sure to write your sentiment at checkout and don't forget to sign your name otherwise your siblings might try to take credit for your thoughtfulness.

Contains (20) coordinating fat quarters measuring approximately 18" x 22", pattern, notions, fun

If you prefer an Awesome Human version, let us know.  We'll customize the box to let your person know they're an AWESOME HUMAN this Mother's Day.