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Heather Givans Night Hike - Night Hike (Gravel)

One of Heather’s favorite retreats is being outside in nature, something she enjoyed from being a summer camp camper and an adventure trip counselor. Her newest collection called Night Hike for Windham Fabrics echoes the beauty of the night sky, with the hope of seeing the Aurora Borealis, in color and in form.

“Can’t you just smell the sappy pines, hear the wind coming as it blows through the tree tops, or catch the lonely sound of the loon as it calls across the lake?”

In Heather’s signature style of whimsy and textures, camp sites and lake maps, topographical lines, portraits of the night sky, as well as a flight of abundant moths and lightning bugs come together to capture the feel of a cool evening around a campfire. Included on the selvage is a quote from naturalist John Muir, “In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

100% cotton, quilting weight, 44"/45" wide