Monika Forsberg Homeward - Floating Love (Prussian) - 803081020642
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Monika Forsberg Homeward - Floating Love (Prussian)

“Which way is home? Home is a memory.  Home is a house where strangers now live.  Home is a feeling.  Home is in Camden with my boys.  Home is longing.  Home is a happy thought.  Home is in the direction I’m walking” - Monika Forsberg 

As a part of the Anna Maria Horner Conservatory collective, Monika Forsberg delights us with her colorful fabrics that coordinate seamlessly with other Conservatory designers such as Nathalie Lete and Anna Maria Horner.  Sophisticated whimsy, these fabrics will create objects that will bring ornate beauty into your space.  We imagine quilts, home decor items such as pillows, curtains, aprons and even an occasional garment will be perfect with these beauties.  

100% cotton, quilting weight, 44" wide