Woodruff Flea Market Ambassador of Fun
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Woodruff Flea Market Ambassador of Fun

You wanna become an Ambassador of Fun?! Now's your chance to sing the Ambassador of Fun song!! We're offering an exclusive, Woodruff Place branded LOUD CUP.  100% of your purchase will be donated to the Woodruff Place Civic League.  How can that be? Your friends at Crimson Tate have paid for all of the products and will donate all fees and labor so that your purchase is POWERFUL.

So what do you need to do???  Choose your color and purchase your Ambassador of Fun MEMBERSHIP NOW!  Toot your horn during the 2024 Flea Market and giggle with your friends.  Sit on your porch all summer long, sipping your iced tea and honking a friendly HI to passers by.  It's gonna be fun.  Join the fun.  Become an Ambassador of FUN!!!!

Free drop off at YOUR PLACE (if you live in Woodruff Place) on Friday May 31 between 6-7 PM when you choose IN-STORE PICK UP at checkout. Do me a solid and write your address in the notes of your purchase.  Jamie, Heather, & David will be rolling around a la ICE CREAM TRUCK (SUV) STYLE for you to run out and get your Flea Market Ambassador of Fun cup!!  Alternatively, cups will be ready at Crimson Tate for pick-up or will be shipped starting May 28.  

Flea Market Committee + Founding Ambassadors of Fun