Save the Date! November VIP Event

Save the Date! November VIP Event

New Member Fee: $35 (includes VIP tote bag, inaugural pins, and perks)

Let’s talk PERKS! When you purchase a Crimson Tate VIP membership, you’ll receive:

- Emails with news, store announcements, special events, promotions and sales a day in advance, as applicable.

- Exclusive invitations to monthly events (shopping, presentations, demonstrations, cocktail hours) for VIP members only.

- Special pricing on select items during sales and events (in store only).

- $20 credited to your account each time your collective purchases total $250*.

- A Limited Edition Enamel Pin each year you renew your membership – the inaugural pin will not be made available again!

- and a Members Only Tote Bag to show the world that you love Crimson Tate and Crimson Tate loves you! It’s also the perfect way to display your newly minted CT enamel pin collection! (Tote available December 2017)

Want to join? Pay your 2018 membership dues, and be sure to mention you are a VIP member every time you visit the store! By joining now, you'll be a charter member and won't have to renew your membership until 2019!

*class, gift card, and discounted purchases do not apply

Save the Date! November VIP Event